King/Queen/Sovereign of the hill

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Your reign has gone on long enough! I've armed the workers and staged a revolution. I am the Queen of this hill!
The Mystic Elderlands of Prplia
Hej, I'm Ambyr

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I am now the King Regnant of this hill [Image: crown_1f451.png]
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they should call you Charles III 'cause you were just warming the seat for the next in line
recall how often in human history the saint and the rebel have been the same person

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I am reappropriating this poor, abused hill for the forest! its King.
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There can only be one monarch upon this hill and that monarch is I!
I am once again asking.. for your fealty, as the rightful heir to this hill.
I once again seize this hill for the North American Republics, forever may she rest, and for the One Community of Masdobo, upon whom the Sun will always shine.
Have a cookie on me!
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Formerly known as the North American Republics (NAR)

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