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Full Version: King/Queen/Sovereign of the hill
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Rules are pretty simple, last poster to post is the king, queen, or sovereign (depending on gender). there is no set time limit and you must come up with a way to remove the above poster from the hill and then claim dominance. 
I found this hill, therefore, I AM THE QUEEN OF THIS HILL
Monarchs, in MY SLU? I think not! However, the sovereign people of the region should be respected, and I am . . . the Sovereign of this Hill.
Alas, it is pretender to the throne Toonela!

Luckily my army was more than capable of defeating your treacherous legions. I am sole sovereign of this hill now!
The State is no match for Revolution i mean Ramelia!
I am one of the original three Kings of the Hill..... bow before thee!
begone elder, it is now my hill now, fall into pit of barbed wire i have set for you
I cannot and will not.. my horde of Gators will devour you.
This hill is being re-aproppriated for the good of the people
And by people, I mean me
No longer, as I am now King of the Hill, and I shall establish a brutal dictatorship a flourishing democracy!
It's a shame your reign has been so short. Alas, I will take over this hill now and end your bourgeois liberal democracy in favor of my aristocratic tradition!
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