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Welcome Thread - SLU_Administrator - 04-08-2020

Welcome to the new SLU forum! Please feel free to drop a hello, give a little spiel about yourself, or just watch...ominously...

Have a cookie!
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RE: Welcome Thread - wateryfoothill - 06-01-2020

Hello everyone! My name is Lalli (aka wateryfoothill), a new player of NationStates and representative of the nation of 'The Empire of Great Ohio Valley'. In-game, I have no idea what I'm doing because I'm very new, but out-of-game, I've been involved in (and often leading) the political organizing surrounding democratization and education reform in the little sliver of the country I now call home. I have some Model UN experience (recently graduated from college) from the last 8 or so years I hope will serve me well in this game! 

Hoping to speak with you all more often when I have time to get on Discord, but will be jotting down some things for my country's Factbook in the meantime, so everyone in our Union can see what the Great Ohio Valley is all about.

RE: Welcome Thread - Ratateague - 12-14-2020

Hello, SLU! Just your friendly neighborhood Ratateague, here. I'm just now migrating from the old forums (as well as my old region). Here's to new horizons!