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[Discussion] On the Dismissal of Ramelia from the Government of the Social Liberal Union
AWARE of the fascist nature of the political movement known as "Boogaloo Bois," who routinely provoke civil unrest in an attempt to inspire race war;
NOTING that incumbent Chancellor Ramelia defended conduct of these "Boogaloo Bois" on a regional communication platform on 2 December 2020, saying the group was "doing god's work," and continued to defend the group after being notified of the group's fascist ideology;
RECOGNIZING that fascist terrorism is indefensible and vile, and that apologia for groups which commit such acts of terrorism is not befitting of an officer of the Social Liberal Union;
REAFFIRMING the Open Parliament's commitment to vigilantly combat fascism and other hateful ideologies or organizations;
AWARE that the Constitution of the Social Liberal Union allows for the removal of officials who fail to perform their duties of office or commit other forms of egregious misconduct;
HEREBY relieves Ramelia of the office of Chancellor of the Social Liberal Union.
-19th World Assembly Delegate
-Former Speaker Pro Tempore Under Jyskmark
-20th Minister of Foreign Affairs
- Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs 
-27th Minister of Immigration
- Current Ambassador to The East Pacific and The North Pacific

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