Goncaran/Harndonian Joint Ticket for Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Hello Social Liberal Union!
 Harndon and I are once again seeking re-election for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are significantly qualified and Harndon can tell about his qualifications but here are my mine:

-I have served as the Foreign Affairs Minister for 11 terms (may be slightly off, records suggest potentially 10)
-I have served as the Defense Minister back when the Ministry existed (Ministry folded into FA with the 2nd Constitution).
-I have served countless times as Deputy MoFA and Deputy MoD. 
-I have served as Ambassador to multiple regions including but not limited to DSA, Norrland and ALH, all of which we’re friendly and active at the time. 
What will the Foreign Affairs Ministry look like? 
Now most of you have been around long enough to know what Harn and I’s Ministry will look like but for those who are newer, here is a preview. 
A few months ago, I turned the Ambassadors program over to Harn and he runs the day-to-day operations. I staff it, making sure that we have the right people in the right positions. For instance, you cannot be a citizen or member state of the region you are the ambassador to. Ambassadors have been charged with routinely giving weekly and for some special cases, monthly reports (this would be TEP). 
One of my personal goals was to get an embassy with all the regions in NSLeft. This was finally completed as of two days ago with the completion of the embassy with North Korea. 
Another personal goal of mine was to get the SLU more involved in NSLeft. So far, since our accession, only a few government officials have been heavily involved in the NSLeft discord server. Recently, with the new Central Committee election, the SLU was able to grab 5 of the 7 available seats. Knowing the activity of our server and the promise already shown by the new Secretary, I’m hope to see my SLUans lead in the future in the NSLeft. 
Lastly, I would like to implement a FA game night where our allies and SLUans alike can get together and get to know each other. We will see how that is organized but it is something I would like to see happen. 

Understand that these are only my ideas and that Harn may or may not be posting his own below!
Feel free to ask questions here or DM me via Discord! TGing me might take awhile but it works too!
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As was ever so subtly hinted at by Gonc, here is my bit:
I've done this for a while, so I'm experienced at not deliberately or accidentally pissing people off who may have different poltical/personal beliefs and customs.
I help to run the ambassador programme, which keeps the ministry and the admin as a whole up to date as to what is happening in other regions.
I'm generally the assist kinda bloke, so I'm used to helping out here and there, whether it'd be in our region, or in another as part of my role.
Please do bother me via Telegram or DM on discord if you have questions.

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