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TMQ is the Harndonian publicly owned broadcast network - it is governed by strict impartiality laws (within the confines of defence and furthering of the revolution). The international broadcast arm of the service - TMQ Miyana - provides Harndonian-standard news, comment, journalism and documentaries in Gibberish, and has capacity for broadcast of radio and television, with a prominent website and weekly printed newspapers. Some - capitalist, predominantly - nations view TMQ Miyana as a propaganda organisation.
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Morning News Summary: 21/06/2023

Harndonian Diplomats in Discussions with Ramelic Counterparts
Following the recent nuclear tests in Ramelia, and ensuing fallout, the Harndonian Hall of Representatives has released another statement as to their current approach.
Included in this statement is a confirmation of rumours that Harndonian diplomatic staff are meeting with their Ramelic counterparts to talk about the issue, and for future co-operation on the reduction of the total nuclear stockpile.

Spokesperson Ulav Speaks Out Over Keron
"We have received intelligence about concerning events brewing in Keron," the Spokesperson said in a broadcast last night, "and although I cannot go into detail at the moment because of the sensitivity of this intelligence and the dangerousness of the situation, this will come in time. Whatever happens, we will stand with the working and exploited classes of Keron, and our international comrades working for true socialism within the dictatorship, no matter what atrocities the Powers That Be threaten."

Harndonian Communist Party Sends Solidarity to An-Astralian Comrades
In a rapidly-organised meeting of all branch secretaries of the party, a vote for a statement of support for the changing of the An-Astralian constitution was carried unanimously. Included in this statement was comradely greetings to socialists and communists within An-Astral, especially to those within the Communist Party there. One part of the statement reads: "We support the changing of the constitution to that of a republic as a step to creating a socialist society; we note the assisstance of our brethren in Anaaxes in the writing of this draft. We urge the people of An-Astral to vote for this measure, take that victory, and march forwards to create a socialist state."
d'n'ReRo members are currently putting this statement to each and every committee at every level of the democratic structure, in order to garner nationwide support.
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Morning News Summary: 30/06/2023

Spokesperson Publically Confirms Ramelia Approach
Kariva Ulav confirmed in a short statement last night that Harndonian diplomats are currently talking to Ramelic diplomatic and governmental staff as regards future co-operation in both security and reduction - and eventual scrapping - of the nuclear weapon stockpile. Ulav finished by saying that these discussions were "ongoing, but not near any kind of conclusion yet."
There has been some criticism of this approach by some within the Harndonian Communist Party, as well as from other parties and campaign groups, consisting of disagreements with "cosy-ing up to nuclear powers" when the Harndonian state should be "sanctioning or punishing the Ramelic State". Diplomatic representatives have previously defended the state's approach, saying that "our aim is to support our comrades in Ramelia to get rid of their nuclear weapons - any kind of agreement that achieves this aim whilst remaining true to our principles is one worth making, or at least attempting".

Harndonian Government Congratulates the An-Astralian People Following Referendum Results and Fallout
Following this week's constitutional referendum that proposed forming a republic, along with major land and economic reforms that benefit the working and peasant classes, and the backlash from certain campaign groups, states, and royal families, the Harndonian Government has released an official statement and open letter that follows the initial statement of support released in the immediate aftermath of the results being announced. This has been given support by all major Harndonian committees in a series of votes.
This statement, including comradely greetings towards the left wing parties in the An-Astralian government and the people as a whole, pledges support for the fledgeling republic, and warns outside and internal pro-monarchist forces against "interfering with the An-Astralian peoples' will". It continues with: "we look forward to working with the An-Astralian people in order to create a fully democratic, socialist state within An-Astral, with full and equal rights for all peoples and ethnic groups within the country. The Anaaxean, Harndonian and An-Astralian working classes can make a socialist Aspah a reality; and - in time, and in co-operation with all like-minded peoples across Miyana - a socialist world!"
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Condemnation of Veszcota's Declaration of War Approved
This morning, the last major regional committee approved the provisional statement from the Hall of Representatives by unanimous vote. The statement condemns the declaration of war by Veszcota on Keron, whilst also condemning the Keronian government for the repression of its people. It affirms Harndon's stand with the Keronian working and exploited classes, especially those which are currently rising against the government in a popular armed uprising, and formalises the pledge to provide the movement with arms, expertise and resources.
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