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[At Vote] Amendment 8 to the Third Constitution
This Amendment to the Third Constitution reinstates the requirement that the Delegate be a member of the World Assembly as a requirement to hold that office, which was erroneously removed by Amendment 6; further, this Amendment separates and clarifies the powers of the Founder and a newly-created position, the Governor, to account for recent changes to NationStates game mechanics.
recall how often in human history the saint and the rebel have been the same person

12th, 15th, & 18th Delegate of the Social Liberal Union
Fleet Admiral of The Red Fleet

Official Summary of Proposed Constitutional Amendment
Pursuant to my Constitutional duties as Speaker of the Union, I have prepared the following impartial summary of the generally-finalized Proposed Amendment 8 to the Third Constitution. Please contact me with any questions or comments.
Section 1: This section reintroduces a World Assembly Membership requirement for the office of World Assembly Delegate

Section 2: This section updates Article 4 of the Constitution to replace the historical role of the Founder with the new office of Governor, It also establishes a line of succession for the office of governor.

Section 3: This Section updates Article 5 of the Constitution to once again hand over the Founder's duties to the new office of Governor.

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