August 2022 Speaker of the Union Election Nominations

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August 2022 Election for
Speaker of the Union

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that in accordance with the Constitution of the Social Liberal Union, an election for the office of Speaker of the Union will be held for a period of one week within 48 hours after nominations close. Nominations open on Wednesday, 10 August 2022 at 01:15 UTC and close on Wednesday, 17 August 2022 at 01:15 UTC.

The Speaker has appointed me as Election Administrator in accordance with the law, and I will faithfully and impartially execute the duties of this role and I shall not become a candidate nor partake in any political activities concerning the election or defeat of any candidates for this specific contest.


The powers and duties of the Speaker of the Union are primarily detailed in Article 3 of the Constitution, but a summary and outline of the office can be found here.

The term of office is five months, renewable once consecutively.


Any Member State may, if eligible, nominate themselves, or, another eligible Member State (subject to their acceptance).

1) The nominee must be a current Member State in accordance with the Constitution; and
2) The nominee must have been a Member State for at least 2 months; and
3) No State may be elected to this office more than twice consecutively.


'+' denotes that the candidate has pledged to conduct their campaign in accordance with the Code of Fair Campaign Practices.


All inquiries regarding the administration or conduct of this Speaker of the Union Election may be directed to:

Election Administrator
Trustee of the Founder Nation
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I nominate myself for Speaker of the Union and pledge to conduct my campaign in accordance with the Code of Fair Campaign Practices.
Nominations were extended by operation of law by one week, as only one candidate emerged during the initial nomination period.

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