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Hello fellow comrades and citizens of The Social Liberal Union that I call home, I have been in this region for about 3 years now and have served in numerous positions such as Mofa, deputy Mofa, and currently Minister of immigration. With also being and ambassador to IDU previously, though currently ambassador to TEP and TNP. I was also a previous Speaker Pro Tempore. Those have been my previous and current held positions in the SLU. 
After the coup by Ainland, our current cabinet members have been doing tremendous work with building up the region even better than before, delegate Helvurium has done a lot of great work and I would like to thank him for all of his great work to the region, but it is time for the Brys Questionian Constitution Period. 
Some of the things id like to continue to do is work with the cabinet to grow the regional population even more and keep the region stable and greater than before. Continuing our relationships with our allies and comrades in NSLeft will also be important. 

One of the things I will do is give my opinion on the latest SC and GA resolutions at vote on the RMB, though others may have their opinion as well on resolutions, which is okay.  

Foreign Affairs:
With NsLeft, encouraging more people to join the Discord server and participate in the elections with the Central Committee and other Committee. Working with Goncar to encourage ambassadors to do reports, although with my positions in TEP and TNP, strengthen our relationships with the regions and others we have ties with. 

Domestic Affairs: 
Working on recruiting more people to the region with NAR and trying to do regional events more often like we did with our 10 year anniversary. Things as trying to revive dnd, hosting civ events or vic II monthly may be something to do, and trying to accommodate peoples times that they could do the events. Our Discord server has been growing and very active, and if I to be honest, the best in all of NS with the friendly vibes and people helping each other as-well if they have questions about anything, all of us continuing our community will be great. With NAR and Toonela, they have been creating a website for the SLU that's called "Tribune" for rp and reginal news, I will be promoting their project that they have been working hard on, posting SLU stuff and making rp for Brys Questions on the website and when its ready, I encourage everyone to use it to post there own rp or post stuff that is going on in the region. 
I will do the job of delegate to the best of my ability if I am elected, although I would also give my comrades Hirematia and Ramelia a good luck in this election, and the debate on Monday. 
I thank Goncar as well from nominating me for this position, If you have any questions for me you can leave them down below, I would be happy to answer when I can  Heart
-19th World Assembly Delegate
-Former Speaker Pro Tempore Under Jyskmark
-20th Minister of Foreign Affairs
- Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs 
-27th Minister of Immigration
- Current Ambassador to The East Pacific and The North Pacific

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