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Amendment 7 to the Third Constitution - Ramelia - 12-17-2020

Amendment 7 to the Third Constitution

This proposed Constitutional Amendment addresses the many constitutional issues arising from the transfer to the new home region and loss of former Founder Ainland.

You can read the bill on the Library of Parliament here.

Comments and questions are welcome. I submit the bill to Speaker Courelli immediately for the necessary summary.

RE: Amendment 7 to the Third Constitution - Courelli - 12-17-2020

Official Summary of Proposed Constitutional Amendment
Pursuant to my Constitutional duties as Speaker of the Union, I have prepared the following impartial summary of the generally-finalized Proposed Amendment 7 to the Third Constitution. Please contact me with any questions or comments.

Section 1: This section removes the designation of Ainland as Founder of the Social Liberal Union, removes the Founder from the list of officers which may jointly declare a state of emergency (instead adding to that list the Minister of Foreign Affairs), and inserts a provision which forbids the Open Parliament from passing any law which names any State to hold any office permanently, unless explicitly allowed elsewhere in the Constitution.

Section 2: This section removes the Founder from the list of officers with which the Chancellor may consult when appointing a Speaker pro tempore in the absence of the Speaker of the Union.

Section 3: This section -- probably the most consequential of the proposed amendment -- replaces the office of "Founder" with a council of three "highly trusted Member States," collectively referred to as the "Trustees of the Founder Nation," who are tasked with administering the Founder Nation. These Trustees are to be appointed by the Open Parliament via a Resolution, which requires at least four cosponsors and a supermajority to pass. Furthermore, this section places strict limits on the powers of these Trustees, providing that they may only use the in-game powers of the Founder Nation when authorized by law or when lawfully directed to do so by a government officer. Finally, it should be noted that, while the Constitution currently prohibits Ainland, our disgraced Founder, from holding the office of World Assembly Delegate, this proposed amendment places no such prohibition on these Trustees.

Section 4: This section changes one instance of the term "Founder" to "Trustees of the Founder Nation," in accordance with Section 3 of this amendment.

Section 5: This section removes the Founder from the Administration, and as such, removes provisions related to the Founder's position in the Administration

Section 6: This section amends the procedure for dealing with a conflict of interest within the Court of Justice. Currently, the Founder is tasked with presiding over cases if the Chancellor has a conflict of interest; this section places that duty onto the Speaker of the Union.

Section 7: This section authorizes the use of historical citations for certain Acts of Parliament passed during or prior to 2012.