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Goncar for Minister of Foreign Affairs - Goncar - 06-20-2020

Who Am I: 
I am Goncar, the current Minister of Foreign Affairs. I have been in the Social Liberal Union since July 6th of 2011. I have been an active member of the community since my arrival except for my brief retirement in early 2016 until my return in August of 2017. 
My Qualifications: 
During my time prior to retirement, I served as the 2nd Minister of Defense in the Millylandish Constitutional Period which now exists as a subdivision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs during the delegacies of Avaerilon and our current Chancellor Anaaxes. Post-Retirement, I served as Minister of Foreign Affairs during the delegacies of Courelli (the first time), North American Republics, Courelli (the second time) and Koiho. I have also served as a two-term WA Delegate in fall of 2018 to summer of 2019. I say all of this to express that I’ve have plenty of experience whether that be as Minister of Foreign Affairs or Delegate who have to understand the position and role to be re-elected. 
While I haven’t been involved in many legislative things, I have been in a few, including the creation of CUSA warning system and Intel team. I also was involved in the creation in the Interregional Legislative Coalition and it’s workings, though I give most of that credit to Courelli. In regards to FA things, majority of time, I have been able to keep ambassadors filled and of the current 11 embassies we have at the time of this post, 9 of them were opened by yours truly (only A Liberal Haven and International Democratic Union were not). Of those 9 embassies, I (Along with help from my deputy Harndon, current MoDA North American Republics and ambassador Wildy) have managed relations with The East Pacific, a massive Game-Created Region. The SLU also has joined NSLeft during this last term. Overall, this past few terms have very successful and I believe even more can come. 
My plan for the upcoming term as Minister of Foreign Affairs is to 1. Fill the ambassadors team as there was an ambassador who left two spots open. 2. Continue weekly reports that will feature in the DA report to the region. 3. Continue prosperous relations with our current embassies and NSLeft. 4. Look for future embassies that will make us diplomatically stronger as well as safer as a region. 5. Anything Helvurium may request within reason of the Constitution. 

Thank you for reading if you got this far and I’m grateful for the opportunity to run once again. If you any questions or comments, please leave them below or feel free to DM me on Discord! If you do TG me, I may not see it for some time but I will get around to it when I log in!