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Helvurium for Delegate - Helvurium - 06-05-2020

Helvurium for Delegate
Friends and comrades of the Social Liberal Union,

This year will be my three year anniversary in being in the Social Liberal Union, and things have changed for both myself and this region. Three years ago I hadn’t finished college and hadn’t had any serious thoughts about what starting university would be like. I’ve now just recently completed my second year of university, in unusual circumstances that have been the cherry on top for the past few years of unusualness in both my life and the world. 

I’ve shared a lot of these experiences with you, and so many of you have trusted us with your real-life experiences. This community has been instrumental in helping me improve myself, understand who I want to be, and deal with situations that seemed impossible to deal with at the time. This is part of why I am running for Delegate. I want to give back, in a way which I feel best suited for. 

This region has changed as well, in more ways that one. We’ve seen steady growth and new forums, thanks to NAR and all his efforts. Goncar has led the way to improve our foreign relations and now, thanks to Courelli’s fingers in every corner of Nationstates, we are reopening formal pacts with the rest of the NationStates Left. There are too many people to name as so many other people are involved in making this region what it is, and I am so privileged to know you all. I hope to see everyone continue to contribute to our region. Without further adieu, below is my credentials and platform:

My Credentials

I have now had the privilege to serve as a member of the SLU government for well over a year, and in that time I’ve had a variety of roles. I’ve been a minister, twice-serving deputy minister, and even had a brief stint as Acting Speaker of the Union. I’ve learned a lot in that time, from how to work with people to how this region works in a governmental capacity. I’ve been able to learn from people much smarter and more effective for me, and I will carry what I’ve learned forward - regardless of this election result.

The SLU is not the only region I have served, as I am now somewhat of a veteran when it comes to NationStates government. I have served as Delegate in many regions, most recently The Versutian Federation. I know how the World Assembly works and how it matters in both the issues presented to it and our influence on an inter-regional basis.

This is not all, as a lot of the experience I would bring to this role comes from real life. First and foremost, I’m a committed activist for the UK’s Labour Party in which I have campaigned both locally and nationally to help bring positive change to my country. I had the honour to serve as Co-Chair of my university’s Labour Club, in which I learned how to effectively manage a team like our regional government and how to effectively take the initiative in working with other societies and institutions outside of the university. These roles have informed a lot of my values and given me invaluable experience that I use on the daily. I believe all of this makes me a Delegate candidate that can take our region forward, continue to bring our community together, and make us a better region overall.

My Platform
Firstly, it is important to state that the job of any Delegate is to work with our Ministers and to encourage the best of their abilities. If elected, I want to be a colleague of the SLU’s Ministers - someone they can work with and rely on, not an overbearing boss they feel they cannot approach for help or advice. I would work with the MoFA and make myself known and become a friend of our allied regions and organisations. I would encourage the MoDA to join me in engagement programs, and work with them to ensure that any regional events proposed are fully realised. It is also important to continue our impressive recruitment steak, and I would be here to help if either NAR or our MoI wasn’t able to run the auto recruiter or we had other recruitment issues.

My delegacy would be committed to improving regional engagement. Recently, we have seen a massive increase in the number of nations in our region, friends in our discord, and endorsements to Koiho. Chances like these don’t come around often, and we need to use it to its fullest extent. I will do more to ensure that we have game side activities, including regular telegrams to update the region about the goings-on of our region, to advertise events that are somewhat exclusive to the discord, and encourage new nations to join both our forums and our discord. The discord is an important part of our region, but it is not the region, and if elected I will do much more to ensure that those who would rather focus on the game side of NationStates are also represented and regularly informed.

This means it is also important to raise engagement in other areas, especially our government. For a long time now, elections have rarely been competitive and, I hope, we have a real chance to change that. We have nothing to fear and nothing to lose by encouraging engagement with our democratic processes, but everything to gain. If elected, I will work with new nations in our regions, give them detailed advice on how to get involved, and advice on how to run and what they’d need to know about the SLU government. I want new people in our government, perhaps people we don't even know yet, and the only way to do this is to have a hands-on approach, one that encourages and firmly stands behind any member state that wants to try something new and help our region in their own way. To keep our region fresh and engaging, we must bring new ideas in while utilising the experience of longtime government members. 

Finally, I believe it is important to expand the support we give to members of our community. Many people come to us when they are vulnerable, scared, or dealing with situations with life consequences. Sometimes, unfortunately, people have even come to us while in unsafe environments at home. I want everyone in this region to be happy and healthy, but to do that we need to ensure that if people come to us with serious problems than we are able to guide them to real-life organisations that can give them the appropriate help they need. 

Thank you for reading, and feel free to message me or publicly ask any questions related to this platform or my campaign!