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Jyskmark for Speaker of the Union - Jyskmark - 05-09-2020

[Image: IPv5ICa.png]

Dearest Members of the Social Liberal Union,

In this current election I have decided to put myself forward for the position of Speaker of the Union, one of the most important roles in this region that I am proud to call my home on Nationstates. I feel more than able to take on this role and serve the region in a dedicated and professional manner, employing skills that I have put to good use both in real life and elsewhere within Nationstates. Here I present for your delectation a short campaign statement and I sincerely hope that you might at least consider voting for me to serve you as Speaker of the Union.

My Qualifications

I have spent 9 months now as a member of the regional government and, while I admit that I may not have been massively active at least in the public realm, during that time I have been a helpful and supportive figure in directing and aiding SLU regional affairs. More useful to the role of Speaker, however, I have previously served as Secretary-General of the Democratic Socialist Assembly and during that time written multiple pieces of legislation as well as ably carrying out the administrative work needed to make a large region function. More recently I have also co-authored and had pass my first piece of SLU legislation. My real life activities have also required me to develop and exercise a wide range of organisational skills that have aided me in past endeavours and which I bring with me to the Speakership.

As Speaker,

I will obviously aim to carry out the general duties of the role to the best of my abilities. It is hard to come up with anything new and groundbreaking to pledge to do as Speaker, let alone achieve. I certainly wish, however, to continue the great work done so far by Ramelia and North American Republics in refreshing the SLU Forum and Elections sites and seeking to achieve their full potential. I would also continue Ramelia's work in trying to eliminate residual errors and inconsistencies in the back catalogue of SLU legislation and maintaining a wholly accurate collection of records. Ultimately it is not the job of the Speaker to be constantly out there changing things, but I believe I am ready to keep a close eye on maintaining and facilitating regional affairs so that others can do so.

At the End of the Day

It would be an honour if the SLU would elect me to serve as Speaker of the Union. I'm not someone who is particularly able to waffle on about having accomplished this or wanting to do that and so hopefully this short message is sufficient. Again, please consider voting for me but otherwise thank you for taking the time to read this and feel free to get in touch with any queries.