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Prplia for MoDA | Oct. 2022 Ministerial Elections - Prplia - 10-05-2022

Hej alla!

I'm running for Minister of Domestic Affairs, so what qualifies me to run for this term?
My membership in the SLU started in July 2020, and I've been an active role-player in the regional community since.
However, My run in SLU politics started in Feb 2021, which has included positions such as:
-(June 2021 - Sept. 2021) Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs under Goncar, MoFA
-(March 2021 - June 2021) 2nd Secretary of World Assembly Affairs under Brys Questions, Delegate
-(March 2021 - Present) Ambassador [Europeia, Wintercrest, TCB, and TLA] under Goncar, MoFA
-(June 2021 - July 2021, Sept. 2022- Present) Writer for the Union Tribune under NAR(Masdobo), MoDA

The DA department's activity has been fantastic for a few months, and it would be my absolute pleasure to continue this era by adding new developments and advancing the programs that are currently running. This would include,
-Listening to the community. Clarity between the ministry and member-states comes before anything else, especially when it comes to Domestic Affairs.
-Continuing the Union Tribune's progress by opening positions for new writers, gameside, and on the regional discord.
-Putting together some more new community games (i.e., much like the ongoing flag design competition).
-Resuming Erynia's notion to keep gameside players in on announcements while encouraging new residents to join the community discord.

That being said, thank you for your time and continued support!
Have a cookie on me (::),
Ambyr (Prplia)