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Erynia and Draconia for WA Delegate - Erynia and Draconia - 09-19-2022

Hello, SLU Member Nations! I am Erynia and Draconia and I'm running for the office of World Assembly Delegate. Here's an overview of why I am running, and what I hope to achieve if I am elected.

My platform
Democracy and transparency - We are a region of strong democratic traditions, and that is why I want to be a Delegate of the people— an elected official who is completely accountable to their regionmates and takes into account their concerns. Transparency is very important to me, therefore I will post regular updates on the RMB on the ongoings of the government.

Foreign affairs - Working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I want to build stronger bonds with our allied regions and build new connections. I also will do what I can to help NSLeft become more of a hub of diplomacy, culture, discussion, and community for its members. Through events such as joint game nights with embassy regions, I believe we can strengthen our existing relations and forge new ones.

World Assembly - I'll continue utilizing the new Office of World Assembly Affairs, as well as encourage public discussion of WA resolutions. When I am able, I will post OWAA recommendations for resolutions like Toonela has been doing.

Community engagement - I want this region to continue being a fun community for all residents. What makes our region great is not just our comprehensive political system, but our vibrant community. I love seeing the discussions on our discord server, the supportive community we have, and our interactive roleplay. My goal is to bring as many of our members onto the discord server as possible, as well as increasing our on-site presence. I hope to work with the Ministry of Domestic Affairs to hold game nights, regularly post polls, and explore new ideas for roleplay!

All in all, I want to continue the legacies of past Delegates (such as outgoing Delegate Toonela who has committed lots of their time and effort to the region), retaining the traditions that make our region great, while also improving on anything that we can.

My credentials
- I started my political career in the SLU in June of 2021 as Minister of Immigration. I served in the ministry either as minister or deputy minister for more than half a year.
- I served as Chancellor from January to June 2022.
- I currently serve as Minister of Domestic Affairs.
- I helped revive the Union Tribune by establishing the Union Tribune Newsletter, a monthly publication. You can read the latest edition HERE.
- I am a member of the NSLeft Central Committee.
- I have served as an ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since April 2021, and as such have acquired experience in foreign relations.

If you have any questions about my campaign, ask me by telegramming me, DM'ing me, or asking me on the discord server! Thank you for reading! Smile

RE: Erynia and Draconia for WA Delegate - wateryfoothill - 09-24-2022

You have my endorsement and my vote, Ery! Looking forward to seeing what you do while serving the region!