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Repeal: Protections During Territorial Transitions - wateryfoothill - 08-11-2022

The soon-to-be GA#620, "Protections During Territorial Transitions", is on track to pass the General Assembly as of the time of this post's writing. OWAA set out its reasoning for opposition in the dispatch on the resolution.

I'm going to try repealing it!

Quote:The General Assembly,

Bearing in mind the laudable intentions of GAR#620, "“Protections During Territorial Transitions”, with regards to protecting those left vulnerable by some forms of territorial transference between member states and,

Aware that this body should not refrain from future commitments to addressing many of the pertinent issues therein,

Nonetheless identifies a number of flaws with the aforementioned resolution which render it ineffectual and burdensome upon member states, such as:

  1. The broad exception in the resolution’s second clause, which plausibly allows for inhabitants taking on representative or otherwise privileged roles within a community to obstruct others access to information on jurisdictional changes.

  2. A lack of a rigorous, impartial compliance mechanism in the resolution’s fifth clause, via which any member state may feasibly claim for themselves to be overwhelmed under certain conditions, allowing for the shirking of the resolution’s third and fourth clauses without providing “other suitable, temporary measures” of any meaningful definition.

  3. The malignant phrasing of the seventh clause of the resolution, which mandates that member states must either transfer any and all “rights, privileges, and duties” held by an affected inhabitant in the ceding state to the newly formed territoriality of the receiving state or, in the event the receiving state does not have such roles within their society, provide a “close equivalent”, even if a close equivalent to a role beholden to the rights, privileges, and duties of the ceding state’s inhabitants would be utterly alien to the receiving state; this goes so far as to undermine the resolution’s own ninth clause’s goal of fair acclimatization.

  4. An inability on the part of the resolution’s twelfth clause to become operable upon non-member states, as among the provisions of the resolution which must be provided for are the definitions of the resolution’s first clause, which categorically exclude non-member states.

Hereby repeals General Assembly Resolution #620, "Protections During Territorial Transitions".

Any help, words of wisdom, advice, etc. is appreciated <3