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Vote Erynia and Draconia for MoDA! - Erynia and Draconia - 06-19-2022

Hello SLU,

I’m Erynia and Draconia and I’m running for Minister of Domestic Affairs!

Why am I running?
For the past few months, the Ministry of Domestic Affairs has seen a drought of activity other than the establishment of the Union Tribune Newsletter. As MoDA, I hope to change this and bring the ministry back to the vital role it plays in our growing region.

How am I have qualified?
I joined SLU politics back in June 2021 (a year ago) as Minister of Immigration. I served in the ministry until January 2022 when I was elected Chancellor. I was also appointed as Secretary of Communications where I helped create the Union Tribune Newsletter which has been operating monthly since its inception.

What will I do as MoDA?
- Keep the UT Newsletter running and hire new writers
- Bridge the gap between discord and gameside activity by keeping gameside players informed and encouraging them to join the discord
- Listen to Member State input! I highly value the opinions of our Member States and hope to have the ministry be as democratic and transparent as possible
- Give everyone free cookies!! Ok… maybe not, but the probability isn’t 0!

Vote here:

Thank you all!  <3