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Toonela For World Assembly Delegate - wateryfoothill - 05-23-2022

It's that time of year again, folks! With another contest for the Delegacy upon us, I have decided to run for re-election following gracious nominations by both Goncar and Osagh.

Before typing too much about what I would endeavor to do with a second term as Delegate, I want to briefly go over what I consider my chief achievements of this last term in office:
  • Successfully heralding the return of much more regular updates on the status of the region to its members and residents. These updates have included important information on regional news, interregional affairs, and world assembly affairs without whitewashing administration progress. I've sought to keep the region equally abreast of both discussions on proposed legislation and on delays in the processing of new Cabinet members following vacancies.
  • Passing two pieces of legislation to enable greater community engagement with World Assembly resolutions, creating positions within the government for those most interested in the World Assembly to participate in and creating further responsibility for future Delegates that will hold them more accountable to their votes in that body beyond those guidelines already provided for in the Constitution.
  • Working with the Ministry of Domestic Affairs to ensure regular content for the Tribune when possible, including taking up writing articles myself when necessary.
  • Pursuing a vigorous series of engagements with a number of other regions, both inside and outside of our traditional 'sphere' within NSLeft; engagements that, with the aid of Foreign Affairs, has bettered our relations with a number of regions both old and new.

With all of that said, my chief concern in a second term would be much the same as my chief concern during my first: providing adequate service to the fantastic community of this region by keeping it actively informed, working with others to create and maintain the tools we want or need to pursue the projects that interest us most (whether those be on site interregional relations or our forum roleplay), and setting an exemplary example for others by pursuing an engaged, active, and friendly series of policies that are as adaptive as they are welcoming to newcomers. For me, those policies will look like a continuation of my work so far, with open ears to hear all the ambitions, concerns, and ideas everyone in this region can bring to the table when they wish to contribute. That's my case for staying on as your World Assembly Delegate, but no matter who you choose to support in this election: please vote!

Feel free to ask me any questions or voice any concerns you might!