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Prplian-Carinian Foreign Affairs Joint-Ticket - Prplia - 06-08-2021

Hello Comrades,

As you may have seen, Cairan and I, will be conducting a joint-ticket campaign, with Cairan for DMoFA, and I for MoFA. What makes us qualified for the positions? I'll let Cairan talk about their qualifications but, I believe that I am qualified to hold the position of MoFA because of my extensive background in Foreign Affairs
-Becoming the Ambassador to multiple regions such as The Communist Bloc, Europeia, Wintercrest, and South Pacific
-Becoming the 2nd Secretary of World Assembly Affairs
-Serving as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
I would also like to notice that my running-mate is currently ambassador to Wintercrest.
Why vote for us?
Well, first of all, we would make sure that high levels of cooperation are present in the Ministry, which have recently fell due to a lack of activeness in our region, and what I think would help us with our quest of finding new people, would be to increase our levels of relations with multiple non-embassy regions such as, Europeia, and The North Pacific, both of which are huge regions. Which brings me to our next point, to increase inter-regional interaction. This is very important because, it will make our name be known as an active region filled with nice people, and not just 'that one region that got couped', which I'm surprised to find, is what most foreign nations think of our region. Finally, I feel as if our unity, regional, and inter-regional, needs a re-vamp, one of which, we can bring. Most importantly, we seek to strengthen our relations with allies, and to create new bonds with regions new and old.

This wont be easy, of course, and we could use your support in this journey, by voting for our joint-ticket; We would be humbled to accept your support if you so gladly offer.
Feel free to raise any questions, comments, or concerns you may have, either via discord DM (Cai: HaywardHHayward#6969, Prpl: prpl#0420), comments on this post, or NationStates telegram!

Lastly, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read our campaign, and I hope you have a great one!

RE: Prplian-Carinian Foreign Affairs Joint-Ticket - HaywardHHayward - 06-08-2021

Hi, I’m Cairan! I’m sure you want to know how I’m qualified to be a Deputy Minister. I’m currently the ambassador to Wintercrest, and I have recently joined the Union Tribunal. And though it seems barebones for now, I’m hoping that this could be a proper starting point in giving back to the Social Liberal Union via public service. As my comrade said, our main priorities will be increasing inter-regional activity and unity, as well as possibly promoting inter regional events. Together, I believe Prplia and I can greatly improve unity and activity across the SLU and our allies.