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Brys Questions For Delegate - BrysQuestions - 05-26-2021

Hello friends,
I am Brys Questions, a 3 year member of the Social Liberal Union, I have served under the positions of and currently,
-Former Speaker Pro Tempore Under Jyskmark
-20th Minister of Foreign Affairs
- Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
-27th Minister of Immigration
- Current Ambassador to The East Pacific and The North Pacific
I have seen this region grow and prosper in these 3 years of me being here with one of the greatest communities that we the people have built, even through tragedies that occurred in December of 2020, we still managed to pull through and rebuild greater than before, even with a more active rmb. To continue the great process Delegate Helvurium and Courelli has helped contribute, I hope as delegate I can contribute to making the region great as it is, because we do in all honesty, have the best community on ns. If elected aswell, I will proudly serve as delegate of THE SOCIAL LIBERL UNION!!!

Now, we have had a very major decrease of nations in the region the past few months due to lots of ctes, although about 48% of the region has there wa here, which is good. As I am currently Minister of Immigration, I could help increase this, which I've been doing with buying stamps and sending them out, although if I'm elected i hope to increase the population back up to 200 with who is the next Minister of Immigration.

Now I must say as well, us being a small region of around 155 (at time of writing) is not a bad thing either, what good with us being a low number is that we have a good amount of activity, some on the RMB and our discord as well, and our discord is mostly almost always active with different types of conversations and recent new discussion or almost any topic. If our region does stay below 200, and we have lots of activity still on the RMB and discord, that is still great, I plan on texting on the RMB more, and If your reading this, I suggest you do too Smile. We also have a Minecraft server now, which we have a channel for it on the discord and that has helped gain some momentum with Nsleft member, and hopefully we can have more people join it that is provided by Helvurium and Koiho.
We also have some neat events coming up in the DA department, with NAR and Toonela working on some very neat things that will happen in the near future that id like to help promote, some other members of our region will also host some events hopefully in the near future. (If you haven't joined the discord yet, don't be shy, here is the link
I wish as a delegate, to have an increase in domestic activity and work more with the DA department to do some fun things that people could have access to do.

My stance on Foreign Affairs: MOFA Goncar has done a great job here and I'm not sure how id help expect help find ambassadors if needed and not ruin relationships with other regions Smile

I thank you for reading what i have to say, I will take ANY type of question you have below, or you can contact me via telegram, or my discord is "ava!#0022", you may also ping me in the region chat of The Social Liberal Union "#region" chat
I am exited to run as delegate for this great region I call home and the greatest community on Nation States, hope yall have an excellent day, and I wish luck to my opponent/s, which so far is Ramelia, goodluck.

RE: Brys Questions For Delegate - BrysQuestions - 05-30-2021

Question From Kanoria on the Discord: "What are your plans to encourage new members and new talent to join the discord, and the government?"
try to help fill the different vacant ministry aid positions we have. with the discord, it is in the recruitment telegram, and on the main site page, but i will plug it every chance i can, although, if people do not want to join the discord, that is okay as well. this leading to hoping for a more active forum.