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Census Act - Aeoa - 03-03-2021

I was inspired by TLA's presentation of its census records and would like to draft a bill instituting a voluntary, biannual census in the SLU. I am reaching out to see if anyone would like to collaborate on this bill with me!

So far I have these notes:

- Voluntary census every 6 months (Feb and Aug?)
- Managed by Ministry of Domestic Affairs
- Demographics
----- Age
----- Gender
----- Country of Residence
----- Primary Language
----- Secondary Language
----- Education Level
----- Regional Residence
----- Field of study/work

RE: Census Act - Prplia - 03-03-2021

I'd collaborate on the subject of a Census act, as your notes seem thorough and I've had an idea for something like this as well. We should talk over discord if you're interested. (::)

RE: Census Act - northamerican - 03-03-2021

This is actually an interesting idea. I don't know if we need to codify it, but if there is interest in the establishment of a census as such -- if I am confirmed re-elected -- I am willing to push that forward.