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Toonela for Domestic Affairs - wateryfoothill - 02-22-2021

Hello everyone, 

The time has come for me to once again ask for your vote in the upcoming election for the Ministry of Domestic Affairs! I have been a member of the SLU for almost a full year now, and have served as Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs since the commencement of the prior term. During that time I've aided in the visual design of the upcoming 'Union Tribune' project, been present for and helped manage the SLU's WFE during the coup by our former founder Ainland, and took the initiative to organize and see through the Dungeons and Dragons game for our tenth anniversary celebrations, in spite of delays which endangered its completion. I also believe I have done well, outside of my official role, to be a reasonable voice among your own voices in our Discord and on the RMB when points of controversy have been raised. 

Unfortunately, I cannot roll out the same platform pledges I have made in the past during this campaign. While I would be committed to the continuance and completion of a newsletter or news posting site should I become your Minister, and would seek additional ways to boost activity here on the forum and on-site via more regular use of polling for the introduction of member state driven activities to the Ministry's portfolio, I want to be honest with you: my desires lie with continuing in my role as Deputy Minister (due in large part to my own personal endeavors off NS intensifying over the coming months). 

For that reason, in this election, I would strongly encourage the voting community to mark me as their second pick in this election, and mark North American Republics as their first pick, so we might continue our efforts bettering the Social Liberal Union together

As always, please message me or comment below if you have any questions! I can elaborate on my plans for the Ministry, my personal commitments off-site, etc. I love talking to and serving y'all to the best of my abilities : ) 

Thank you,