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North American Republics for Domestic Affairs - northamerican - 02-19-2021

North American Republics for Minister of Domestic Affairs
Hello there! I am seeking re-election as Minister of Domestic Affairs and I need your help to accomplish that. I hope you'll stick around to find out why you should vote for NAR.

My history with the region goes back 9 years and just over 220 days. In that time I have served in multiple roles in regional government, but I also stood by the sidelines as I welcomed new nations into the government fold when they have come through. I have worked tirelessly to increase engagement in the region throughout my tenure as minister, from rebuilding the backend of our unparalleled voting system and expanding its scope to sponsoring community engagement opportunities like Council of Leaders programmes. Whenever a member state decides they want to take initiative and conduct their own activities, I do not interfere, but seek opportunities to engage more people in them.

The Ministry of Domestic Affairs under me will continue its development of peripheral programs to NationStates while fostering the development of our membership who want to engage with the region. One item that has been a perpetual thorn in my side has been the lack of a regional newspaper. I pledge that we will launch a revamped newspaper called the "Union Tribune" that will allow our membership to submit their own articles automatically, both in-character and out-of-character. All entries will be subject to NationStates and regional acceptable language and images, but I want to empower our members to throw their own ideas out onto the big stage for all to see. Coupling regular articles will be a regional blast to let people know what they're missing by not checking us out.

As always, I pledge to be an open book, I look forward to questions and comments from our membership regarding Domestic Affairs and events, and I welcome constructive criticism as it allows me to develop alongside all of you. When it comes down to the vote, I hope you put me down as your first choice. Even if you are not yet convinced, I am more than willing to address your concerns and seek a resolution that works for you.

Thank you.