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RE: March 2021 Ministerial Elections - Harndon - 02-18-2021

I respectfully decline my nomination ( :: )

RE: March 2021 Ministerial Elections - koiho - 02-19-2021

(02-16-2021, 02:51 AM)BrysQuestions Wrote: I would like to nominate myself and koiho for minister of immigration, nar and toonela for moda, i pledge to the accordance with the Code of Fair Campaign Practices.

i hereby ACCEPT my nomination and pledge myself in accordance with the code of fair campaign practices

RE: March 2021 Ministerial Elections - Anaaxes - 02-22-2021

Due to nightmarish complications, the sole authoritative standing of the contests as they currently are, is as follows (ignore the original post section about this):

Foreign Affairs Nominees:
Domestic Affairs Nominees: Ramelia
Immigration Nominees: Jyskmark (Declined), Harndon (Declined), Hirematia

Foreign Affairs Candidates: Prplia+, Aeoa, Goncar+
Domestic Affairs Candidates: Toonela+, North American Republics+
Immigration Candidates: Brys Questions+, Koiho+