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Full Version: [CLOSED] W+W Collegiate Football League Season 2 Sign Ups
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Hello and welcome to the sign up thread for Season 2 of the Wileyshire + Wildy Collegiate Football League! To sign up, simply post saying you would like to sign a team up and make sure to post the name of the school! Anything beyond that is purely roleplay! 

As an example, my post: 
Quote:I'd like to sign up a team! 

School: Wildy World University. 

Major changes from last season include: 
    You can have up to 4 teams in a given league, though you may only introduce one new team each season in a given league.
    There will be a four-team playoff for the championship this year with both the SLU and DSA conference champions being guaranteed a bid as well as the top two other at-large teams. 
    Changes to have "walk-on" classes with 1-20 initial skill instead of 0. Freshman classes are still the same 0-100 initial skill. The walk-on changes are posthumously being applied to all season 1 teams as well.

Oh, and one more clarification! Unless otherwise requested, I intend to have teams from previous seasons automatically return so long as the host nation still exists within the SLU! So you only need to sign up new teams!

See all the changes in the attached rulebook.

Sign-ups will remain open through January 23rd, 2021.
School: Monteverdi Military Institute
I would like to sign up a team
School: Xianjian Technical University
Last season seemed very exciting, so I would like to sign up too!

School: Chalahgawtha Collegial Conservatory
School: Ironworkers 175 Vocational
Nickname: Iron Pounders
Mascot: Knight
Team: Mason University 
Mascot: Cyclones