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Party Shakeups Considered
(New Chicago, North American Republics) -- Tuesday marks the third year of unity government between the Left Caucus and Socialist Workers Party and the third year of nearly complete control over the yearly agenda. The Liberal Party has effectively been relegated to the dustbin of history, only maintaing the roughly 3% of seats in the Workers' National Council that they held three years ago. On this anniversary, Left Caucus and SWP chairs, Muhammed Farooq and Timothy Wallows -- as well as Chairperson of the Workers' National Council, Amanda Tamia -- plan on discussing how to go about merging the two parties. With no previous framework available, the two party chairs and their advisors aim to hammer out a deal before the end of the month. The Liberal Party chair, Ricardo Allens, quaked as soon as the news broke, saying: "The region is in a state of war and all the powers that be seem to care about is gaining power. We need freedoms now!" A general outline of the plan is slated to come out by the end of the day. 

Rossia Ruining Runs
(Ciudad de Hierro, North American Republics) -- Vessels carrying Republican steel through the Hammer straits have turned back due to Rossian ships patrolling the waters. Citing Republican support for the SLU and its response to the conflict in Noirmarche, the Rossian ambassador has told Republican officials that any ship flying the flag of an SLU member state will be forced to return to port or be sunk. Alternative routes are being investigated, however the cost to travel the already treacherous Serkaskyia Ocean will only increase. The disruption to international trade caused the SLU Stock Market to fall in its greatest one-day loss since June 2013. While there are signs that the market will recover, a strong recovery is entirely dependent on how the SLU handles the entrance of Rossia.
The Fight For Peace

By Roland Martinez

Amanda Tamia addressed the nation at Base D110 today:

"Two-hundred, seventy-one days and not a day more. The North American Republics will not abide by this lawlessness in Thor Passage. Rossia continues to block trade to the Asawagi Ocean, limiting union trade. We are also able to confidently link Rossia to the Ragaloo Army that was set to launch attacks on true Republicans; Rossian Special Operative Vasiliy Malokinov, wanted for arms smuggling, was found dead at a Ragaloo compound.

We are calling upon the Social Liberal Union to join us in opposing Rossia with the full force of the union. Diplomatic efforts have failed. Rossia is not seeking cooperation, they are seeking control. Their machinations across the region may be behind the increasing instability we've seen. The time has come to overthrow the government of Rossia and President Scarimir Villainovsky once and for all. What we did not do before, we are left with no choice but to do now."

[Image: 4mkPodc.jpg]

Joining her was Militia Leader Michelle Bucket:
"Tamia, thank you for your decisiveness. We have struggled to see true peace in our nation and we now know why. This will not be an easy war to take on, but it is one we must. All of you are strong, capable, and willing to do what it takes to restore stability to the region. I am proud to be your leader and strive to lead by example!"

Militia brigades from Districts 100 through 125 have mobilized to face the Rossians, readying 2 aircraft carriers as well as over one-hundred thousand troops. Word has not yet been received from other Social Liberal Union nations regarding cooperation. Rossia has not put out a statement.